The Death Of Procrastination

It has always been one of my many strong suits. Whether it be working on assignments or attempting, and quite often failing, to have some form of a social life. I have never been one to eagerly jump at something without hesitation. It quite often takes me some time to find the motivation to complete a task. At first I truly believed that I was doomed and imprisoned in the constants of procrastination; that was until I started University. Once starting University the incentive began flowing. Studying a Double degree in Journalism and Communication & Media Studies sparked some form of fascination within me. Writing has always been a highly adored divertissement for me, and being able to study a degree in which encourages writing, aided with my above mentioned condition; procrastination.

An early admiration of writing and an overly passionate English teacher promoted my decisions in pursuing two English based degrees at University. Thus resulting in me now sitting here struggling to put my ideas/thoughts into words and into a blog post.

What ‘misunderstood’ teenager hasn’t blogged at least once in their life? Whether it be in regards to hating the world or an eternal love for pizza.


Blogging seems to come so naturally to young teens. Just as procrastination seems to come so easily to me. But surely I’m not the only legendary procrastinator to roam the Earth. I’m sure there are plenty of my unmotivated brothers and sisters building up the motivation to conquer the daily tasks that are at hand.

Perhaps this year will be a different story however.
Perhaps my stupendous procrastinating skills will be replaced with those of incentive.
Perhaps my procrastination will fade into a beautiful form of impulse to succeed in all given tasks.
Perhaps my famous use of the word procrastination will cover up the concept that I’m probably just a really lazy and unorganized person who diagnoses themselves with procrastination in order to feel a little safer about their harrowing predicament.
Perhaps this will be the year that I find something that I won’t feel the need to avoid or push to the side.

Here’s to hoping that my chosen degrees facilitate in the processes of eliminating all forms of procrastination that I find to be confined in myself and everything I attempt to attempt completing.
Here’s to the end of pushing everything off to the side.
Here’s to the end of our procrastinating days.

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