“The medium is the message.”

“The medium is the message.”
I’ve taken my time to blog about this particular post as I wasn’t quite sure how to grasp McLuhan’s phrase. When first hearing this phrase I was very unsure how to perceive it, but after some time thinking it over I’ve come to a conclusion. During a BCM112 lecture we were told that something such as a lecture room could be a medium, and that when taking away objects within this room (such as chairs, risen floors, etc.) the message may be perceived differently but will still have the same effect – this message being a place of learning. I have also come to understand that the medium is an extension of the message, for example; a spoon is an extension of a person’s hand.
I guess what I received from this weekly topic is that the form of a medium will always be rooted in the message, and that the message will always be influenced by the medium no matter how it is portrayed.



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  1. lyndspreece says:

    At first I also had trouble trying to grasp what McLuhan’s phrase really meant! However I believe your explanation successfully does summaries what he was interpreting when he stated, “The medium is the message”. I found that utilising YouTube videos was a very helpful tool in further learning more about this topic. This is one of the ones I found very useful! Hopefully it interests or helps expand your knowledge too. Great work! (:


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