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I’m sure that just like myself, media plays a large role in a lot of other people’s lives – especially social media! But when we fire up our phones and click on that ‘Facebook’ app do we ever stop to think of what exactly we’re agreeing to, or where our information is flying off to, or who is running the application? I know that I don’t; but maybe we should. We come across media everywhere we go and throughout almost all of our daily tasks; but who is in charge of the media which is being almost thrown in our face? What most of us are unaware of is that most media companies are actually owned by the same person. Whilst Mark Zuckerberg’s huge success story is focused on his creation of the social media site ‘Facebook’ he also owns/runs WordPress, the very site in which I am blogging on. Another thing we are completely unaware of is the privacy of our information on media sites. I mean sure it’s great to share your location with all your fellow Facebook fiends, but where else do you think that information is going? And where exactly is it being stored? This brings up the question of whether the media is there to be utilized by consumers or whether it is purely there to serve the interests of those in power.

Something else many are aware of is media’s use of Facial Recognition. The word facial recognition sounds pretty cool right? Well it’s not! It’s actually kind of creepy and invasive. The fact that media sites know what we look like and can recognize us just from one uploaded picture is terrifying. It also makes me wonder what/who else is receiving my facial recognition and what is being done with this information. With the use of propaganda by owners of media sites, many people are being thrown into the media pool and using media more and more often; whether it be social media or even just a TV broadcast. Even though there is a decline in diversity of media ownership, the power that the owners of media companies have is astounding and a little worrying as we are putting so much of our information and our personal lives into their hands and not knowing what they are doing with it, or where it is going. In a way we are just blindly giving permission for our information to be aired.

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Relevant video: “5 Ways Facebook Abuses Your Privacy”


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  1. rowanmcc says:

    Great use of rhetoric questions in the oppening sentences, really gets the audience thinking about the role of media in our lives. Very relevent topic on the affects of facebook on our privacy, especially considering the recent Facebook scandal with the FBI in the United States. Interesting follow up information on Facial Recognition and its consequences. It ties in well with the issues surrounding Facebook and its ability to quickly gather information about a persons life without their consent. Good blog for informing a newcomer to social media on the dangers of giving out personal information online. Excellent blog, I look forward to reading more.

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