Consumer to prosumer

Social media plays a large role in our society and is highly utilized. With the mobilization of Facebook, coordination of Twitter and dissemination of YouTube, we, the consumers, are able to become the producers of media/content. With the internet being dialogic by design, it leaves room for anyone to broadcast. Whilst there can be many complications when publishing, social media’s gatekeepers may tend to be weak, if not non-existent in comparison to others, thus allowing for content to be uploaded by consumers (in-ubiquitous connectivity) – therefore making them prosumers. With consumers posting vigorously, it leads to an increase in media use; resulting in the internet becoming a main source for news – so rather than having one person publish something and many others reading/watching it, we have multiple people sharing one sources publication – this then going from ‘one to many’ to ‘many-to-many’, as the publication is being altered as it is being re-posted.

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