The manipulation of music

When hearing a remix of a song it is usually upbeat and almost always makes you want to get up and dance. Basically anybody is able to manipulate sounds and alter parts of a musical item in order to create something different. Remixes are made using all genres of music, not just pop music. Remixed music is often used in clubs in order to encourage dancing, as youths are the main audience for this style of music.

Is remixing still a form of creativity? Personally, I believe it is. Using aesthetics, different forms of music/sounds are recycled, manipulated and remixed together in order to create a new form of music – thus creating something different. But how did the manipulation of music begin? After becoming interested in this particular topic, I thought I’d look further into the origin of remixed music and was intrigued to find that it started with the manipulation of vinyl tracks in the 60s and 70s.
The manipulation of music and sounds definitely brings something different and unique to the world in my opinion!


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Fast Car – Tracy Chapman (remix)

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman (original)

Ghost – Halsey (remix)

Ghost – Halsey (original)



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  1. Naomi Pusell says:

    I like your approach to the idea of remix, however I believe this could be further analysed thought the use of a more specific example backed up sources rather than just music in clubs. You do provide links to the songs but don’t discuss how they are remixes and why they are a good example. I like how you asked if remixing is still a form of creativity and I do agree with your answer. To further extend this and back it up with information you could use more sources and try to steer away from the use of Wikipedia. You make a good and valid point but what is a more specific example of remix in music?


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