The perfection of a glitch

When researching glitch art I came across a quote by glitch artist Ben Baker-Smith, which I felt thoroughly explained glitch art: “The Internet itself is both a medium and a platform for media—a very accessible and flexible one… So in one sense it functions like other mediums, providing a range of documented and undocumented material potentials that can be manipulated to artistic ends.”

The idea of a glitch being anything other than an annoying error on forms of media, never seems to cross many people’s minds. But what about glitch art? Personally, I agree with Gene Hirsch when he says “We are entering the Age of Integration! The digital artist is the vehicle to that kind of cultural change. We are the first generation of this new breed and we will most surely be remembered…for we bring a quake of expression and technique that makes the art world very uncomfortable and that is as it should be.”
What defines art? Why can’t a glitch be considered art? Although a glitch is often considered to be a ‘malfunction’, it can also create something far beyond spectacular! Taking an ordinary image and creating something so unexpected.

(Image: Tony Hughes)

(Image created on:

  • t.r

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