The progression of ‘Maze Runner’

The progression of ‘Maze Runner’ over multiple platforms happened quickly after the release of the book. Things such as comics, games, movies, and the film’s soundtrack were quickly circulated. But why? Why was this book scattered over many channels? To gain the interest and engagement of a broader audience! By spreading the text across further platforms, it became viral – receiving a greater fan base. With the distribution of images, memes, parody videos, etc., the Maze Runner community grew, and is still continuing to grow. Creating a connection with the audience led to a community based engagement. A larger fan based community leads to a greater revenue for those involved with the making of the book and film.


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  1. Hi Taleasha, transmedia is definitely a good way for corporations to capitalise on an idea. From their perspective, if fans love a certain book, why not make a movie, game, comic, etc. I agree with you that transmedia is the ultimate way for creating community based engagement, and in terms of marketing it’s a great way to exploit a fan base. It’s interesting how the future of marketing is shifting towards creating a product that covers all mediums. This allows content creators to essentially have control over an array of platforms, which would ultimately result in a strong brand name. 🙂


  2. A great example with the Maze runner, It is hard to believe that we can cover too many platforms when so much great content is being produced. But what you are saying is true and it can leave fans with a lot of overwhelming content. I enjoyed your post however your meme that you have incorporated I cannot see a link to the post it’s self. It would be great if the meme was more clearer about the link towards your post but overall a great analysis.


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