DA Annotated Bibliography

Digital Artefact: VoxPops – interviewing students in regards to their thoughts and opinions on current news issues.


  • JRNL101 Tutorial

A journalism tutorial which consisted of doing VoxPops sparked an idea when needing something to do for my digital artefact. When thinking about it I had no idea what kind of VoxPops I would do, until we started doing weekly news quizzes in class. By doing VoxPops I knew that I could get other people, including UOW students, involved in my artefact idea – it also helped that I love to talk and was willing to utilise that quirky personality trait.

In my first BCM112 lecture we watched a few videos from some students who had recently done the subject and had done some VoxPops as a part of their digital artefact. This got me thinking about including UOW students in my digital artefact. I liked the idea of having an open range of things to talk to the students of UOW about. When watching the videos I thought “Hey, this could be interesting. They could literally talk about anything!” It then got me thinking about what other ideas/topics could be discussed with students and what would really trigger a reaction with them.

Once I had a few friends on board with the idea of news based VoxPops, we formed a group and I started researching some topics for us to focus on. When looking for ideas for discussions I thought what better place to look then on social media/media in general. I looked through these Facebook pages/sites and was overloaded with ideas – but then I started thinking about what kind of audience we were targeting and what their interests/concerns would revolve around, and decided to focus on topics that applied to university students. Being a first year student it proved to be a little difficult at first, but then my 18-year-old self kicked in.

After deciding on doing VoxPops as my digital artefact, and deciding I would play a role in the interviewing, I then started looking further into the interviewing process. I looked up what I could do to keep people talking as well as how I could approach someone and get them interested enough to do an interview with us. When we first started we weren’t so lucky with luring people in – I got quite a few rejections! But after following the ‘How to Interview’ tutorials I was able to approach people and get them interested in our weekly topics enough to do an interview.

When doing some research on discussions for the videos, these topics stood out to me. When thinking of university students the idea of the age limit on alcohol consumption being changed, early lock out laws in clubs/pubs, and receiving a fine for texting while walking, screamed controversy to me. I was interested to find that the younger the people I approached, the more of a negative opinion I received when talking about the first few topics about alcohol and texting; whereas when I approached older students I was either turned away or received comments about changes in laws being a positive.


  • t.r

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