A world of Journalists

Nowadays everyone is a journalist. From real life reporting journalists to teens with mobile phones using social media sites. With the growth of technology, everyone with a mobile device at reach can report the news – whether it be bullying/fights in schools or something happening down the street. Posts on social media platforms seem to now be more persistent than news broadcasts/newspapers. ‘News’ reported on media/”immediate” technologies is now posted to an audience a lot quicker than it is even received by a news company. Blogs, YouTube videos, Tweets, etc., can often act as platforms to post ‘news’; but can citizen journalism always be relied upon? With everyone now being ‘journalists’, it is a little harder to seperate fact from fiction, therefore making it harder for reporting journalists to lead a believable story.

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  1. lyndspreece says:

    Your prezi exploring the pros and cons of citizen journalism was something I found extremely interesting as you had valid reasoning for each point. However I would be interested to hear your personally opinion on citizen journalism. I also think it is interesting to consider what the future for professional journalists will be like and whether their stories will be overshadowed by the increase of citizen journalists posts. This YouTube is Journalist and New Media Producer Ahmed Shihab-Eldin sharing his philosophies on the future of journalism. He states “The beautiful thing about the internet and for example, the effect it has on the media is it really levels the playing field”. This highlights the fact that professional journalists and every day citizens have the same access to resources making it harder for the professional journalist to have exclusive stories.


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