The Crossover: Diasporic and Intercultural Film and Media

With multiculturalism reaching an all time high, it is only fitting that film and media be intercultural.
People leave their home countries for many different reasons; reasons such as war, marriage, work, etc. But when leaving their homelands, these people tend to lose touch with most things relating to their country, such as what is now happening in the news.
News channels such as SBS have made it easier for people to stay connected and up-to-date with their home countries without the stress and worry of having to learn a complete new language. SBS have made this possible by allowing people to choose from seventy four different languages which they would like to listen to the broadcast in.

Intercultural Film
Intercultural film is characterised by experimental styles that attempt to represent the experience of living between two or more cultural regimes of knowledge, or living as a minority in the still majority white, Euro-American West.” – (Laura Marks, 2000)

Intercultural cinema is displayed globally in order to introduce an intercultural connection between the audiences viewing and the cultural characters represented in the film. Intercultural films exposes different people with different backgrounds to a world of knowledge and understanding about different cultures through the use of a popular medium.

Author Laura Marks argues that film “is not the property of any single culture, but mediates in at least two directions. It accounts for the encounter between different cultural organisations of knowledge, which is one of the sources of intercultural cinema’s synthesis of new forms of expression and new kinds of knowledge“.

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