Scandals in sport and how they take away from actual sports news

When we watch sports are we watching the game, or are we only interested because of the recent scandals surrounding the sport? – The scandals that have taken over all the news channels.

With this research task, I will survey fellow sports fanatics to find out whether or not they know more about the sport, or more about the scandals.

Recently, the game of Rugby League has been surrounded by scandals. For example, the Tim Simona ‘Gambling and Abortion Scandal’, Mitchell Pearce’s ‘doggy-style’ act, Todd Carney’s choice in hydration, and Semi Radradra’s flee from the country – but how has this affected the views of sporting fans? Have they been following the news in order to hear about the sport, or to hear more about the scandalous football superstars? I know that I, a football fanatic, followed the scandals closely as I found it difficult to follow the game without hearing about the off-field drama.

But for those who decide they want nothing to do with the drama, can they really escape it? All the off-field events seem to work their way into the game, as commentators and hosts comment on the scandalous events.

Drugs, gambling, and even domestic violence seem to surround the sporting world – leaving sporting fans hanging on to the scandalous lives of the sporting superstars rather than their sporting talents. So, are more and more people watching these particular sports in order to find out more about the drama, or watching it simply because of their love and passion for the game? And how are companies such as Channel 9 and FoxSports benefitting/losing out due to these well-known scandals?

Therefore, using this research task, I will survey people who follow the game of Rugby League and I will find out whether or not the game has been trumped by the off-field scandals.


Image credit: The Sunday Telegraph


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