Scandalous Project Update

Hi everyone!

As mentioned before in an earlier blog post, I will be starting a project focused on whether or not scandals in rugby league take away from actual sports news.

Recently I created a survey around this topic.
The data collected from this survey will allow us to get to the bottom of all the controversy surrounding the game we all love and follow so intently.

A lot of us love our footy, however we can never seem to watch a game without being bombarded by the recent scandals and controversies – such as the “Big-4” (James Tedesco, Mitchell Moses, Aaron Woods, Luke Brooks) from the Wests Tigers being split up and how the club is now a “sinking ship”, or big name Cooper Cronk ending his time with the Melbourne Storm abruptly, or even the charges against Canberra Raiders second rower, Josh Papalii.

Therefore, the date collected from the attached survey will allow us to understand what exactly draws viewers and football fanatics to the sport. Is it the game in general, or is it something more; is it the scandalous lives of the players and all of the off-field drama that make it all the more interesting?




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