Research Project Reflection

One thing I struggled with during this project was putting together a consent form to include with the research project survey, as I wanted people to be aware of their rights and for them to know that they could always contact me if need be. Once I had sorted out the consent form, I then had to set up the survey and locate it somewhere where it would reach my target audience – diehard footy fans!
Facebook was perfect for this, as several Facebook groups have been created just for followers of Rugby League, and the NRL. This was the perfect spot for me to post my survey and get some interesting responses.

This research project started off smoothly with several people showing interest. Using social media and a variety of sporting groups on Facebook, allowed for the survey to take off pretty quickly. I received several responses on the survey within just a matter of hours; the responses all fairly similar. It wasn’t until around a day later that the survey was being shared amongst others by people who had already completed the survey.
I had several people saying they were interested in seeing where the research project was headed and were also interested in seeing what my results were.

After receiving over two-hundred (200) responses, I took the survey down and focused on the first one-hundred (100) responses as the other one-hundred plus (100+) were fairly similar to the first hundred. Most responses were from people who have followed the sport of Rugby League for over ten (10) years.
In amongst the one hundred (100) responses, only three percent (3%) were unaware of scandals in the NRL, leaving ninety-seven percent (97%) completely aware of them. Most of the scandals recorded included drug abuse, domestic violence, drink driving charges, and racism; drugs leading by at least eighty-five percent (85%).

The next thing I was interested in, was finding out whether or not these scandals had affected the way in which people view the sport. I was quite shocked when I’d seen that most people had stated that recent scandals in the NRL hadn’t quite affected their viewing of the sport.

I ended the survey with the question: “Do you think the NRL should focus more on the game?” and to this question I received an eighty-six percent (86%) response to yes, and a fourteen percent (14%) response no.

Throughout the survey, I made sure to keep all participants anonymous and only kept in close contact with those who wished to remain in contact.
This blog post will also be shared on the sites used to promote the survey, so that those who participated can view the results of the survey.

Overall, the project was enjoyable to work on, even when it proved to be a little difficult.
The survey never lacked in responses, which was very handy as it allowed for me to move on to analysing the results a lot quicker. All participants were also willing to be involved in the research project and were very interested in finding out what conclusion I had come to.

I’d be very interested in furthering my findings in potential future research tasks.


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