Memories of Better Television

Throwback to the days of The Jetsons, The Flinstones, and Tom & Jerry.

My mum, Jodie, is filled with such joy and excitement as she reminisces about her childhood television experiences.

Every morning before school, her and her older sister would watch Mr. Squiggle and Gumby. It was the memory of the television show Gumby that filled my mum with laughter and joy as she told the “Appendix Story”.

“When I was a kid, I had my appendix out, and one morning me and my sister were watching Gumby, it was hilarious! It was so funny, and we had laughed so hard, that my stitches popped open and I had an asthma attack, so mum had to call an ambulance!” she laughed. “When we got home from the hospital, dad said that we were banned from watching Gumby because he almost killed me!” she continued, in hysterics.


This same joy and excitement continued as she spoke about her afternoon ritual everyday after school. At exactly 4:00pm she would watch Road Runner Show followed by an episode of The Nanny, and then her parents would watch the news, which was soon followed by everyone’s beloved Home & Away and on Friday’s and Sunday’s the evening was concluded with the football.

“We always had a coloured tv…” mum said, “it was on a cabinet against the wall in the lounge room, surrounded by pictures and ornaments; there were even pictures on top of the black, square tv.”

“There was this one show I watched when I was a kid, I forget what it’s called… but it was about a girl who could freeze time when she put her fingers together! I always wished I was her, and I’d always think about the possibilities of freezing time.” After some research, I found the TV show – Out of This World – and watched some clips with mum, and her face lit up as her mind wandered back to the days of her childhood television memories. “I remember just walking around the house, with my fingers together, hoping time would just magically freeze!” she laughed.

out of this world

Watching television whilst eating seems to be a very popular thing to do now, however when talking to mum she said, “We never watched TV while we were eating; the only time the TV would be on while we were eating is if mum and dad were watching the news.”

Another of her fond memories was that of her early Saturday mornings. “I would wake up at about 6:30am on Saturday’s so that I could watch cartoons.”
She continued by telling me that television viewing wasn’t a large part of her childhood, as her parents wanted her and her sister to play outdoors and make the most of their childhood, so television was a very special thing in the household.
“Football was a family thing in our household. Every Friday and Sunday we would all sit down together as a family to watch the footy.”

Since talking to mum about her television memories, I’ve noticed how different things are now. I’ve come to realise how different my memories are from hers. It was the smile on her face as she told me these memories that gave me a different perspective of television viewing.



Being In A Media Space

We’re now in the year of 2017, where everything revolves around media.

It was once considered mainstream to not have a form of media, but now, now you’re as rare as a four-leaf clover if you don’t have a social media application.

It was my interest for media that drove me to pursue a double degree in Communication and Media Studies, as well as Journalism, at the University of Wollongong.

From a young age I was exposed to media – news broadcasts, MSN, and SMS.
However, now media is accessible to even younger ages! It’s quite often you find a small child playing a device or watching YouTube videos in order to stay occupied and give their parents some quiet time.


It wasn’t until I began studying that I had experienced different forms of media. I created a twitter account, began maintaining this blog that you’re currently reading, and began using SoundCloud to conduct journalistic interviews.
Studying this degree opened my horizons to many forms of media – some leaving me with more knowledge than I had originally come into university with, whilst others being nothing more than irritating notifications on my phone.

Behind every successful Instagram account is hours of planning, photographing from different angles, and various filters. If studying media has taught me one thing, it is that we highly rely on snapchat filters, Instagram handles, and perfect angles.