Can I Please Have Your Attention?

It has recently come to my attention that everyone in my household over 18 years-old are glued to their devices.

Whether we’re watching a film, sitting down for a meal, or going out somewhere together – they are always staring at their devices.

I decided to put together a little test to see just how long my sister could go without her mobile phone or iPad – she’s forever on her iPad while we’re sitting around the house, and when she’s not on that, then she’s glued to her mobile phone. She definitely didn’t last long during this test!
I quickly pulled up one of my university essays on my laptop and asked if I could read it to her to get her thoughts and opinion – she agreed. Little did she know, I switched off my mobile phone’s caller ID and had her contact ready and waiting to be called. While reading my fantastic essay aloud to her, I had my brother use my phone to call her. Her phone starts ringing and she quickly snatches it up off of the chair while looking right at me. I give her a disappointed look and shake my head, she sees this and says, “it’s mum”.
IT’S MUM!???!!!??? Did she really just use the oldest one in the book to get out of listening to my amazing words of wisdom? Yes. Yes she did.

It was in that very moment that I had realised just how attached she really is to her devices.



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