Mobile Devices in Public Spaces

Every day I come across people using their mobile phones in public places. It’s also very often that I see parents setting up iPads for their children to watch to stay occupied. Technology has become very common in public spaces.

After passing many people using their phones, I thought, “why take a photo of one of these people using their mobile phone in this public space when I’m doing just that?” So, I decided to take a ‘selfie’! Because I, myself, was using my mobile phone in a public place. And by posting a photo of myself, which I took myself, in a public place, I’ve appropriately managed the ethics of the photography.

There I was, standing in the middle of a footpath in an alleyway, taking a photograph of myself on my mobile phone; attracting plenty of attention.


I then sat on a bench and took the time to write and edit this blog post whilst including the photograph that I took. I was all of a sudden one of the many people I’d noticed sitting around like zombies on their mobile phones.

I had gone from being very public and open, to becoming private and sheltered, just by sitting on a park bench and typing a blog post on my phone. I had become even more sheltered when I placed my earphones in, blocking out everything and everyone around me.


Feature image:


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