The Drive-In Cinema

Drive in cinemas have always fascinated me – watching a movie whilst in the comfort of your car; can’t get much better than that, right?

It wasn’t until I sat down with my dad and heard his hilarious stories that I started to wonder just how great they were.

“I remember when me and the boys were heading to the drive-in, but we couldn’t all fit in the car, so me and a few of the boys jumped into the boot and we stayed there the whole trip.”

His face lit up when reminiscing the days he spent at the Canberra Starlight drive-in with his brothers and mates.

When I asked dad what they went to watch, he laughed. “We went and watched Porky’s.” His giggle left me curious, so I researched this movie, and I was left speechless, and not in a good way. PORKY’S IS A STRIP CLUB! THE MOVIE IS ABOUT A GROUP OF BOYS HELPING THEIR FRIEND TO LOSE HIS VIRGINITY! My dad is hysterical, he thinks it’s hilarious!

“There were no age limitations at the drive in, it was great!”

When speaking about his drive-in memories, he’d flashed back to his days of goofing around with friends – he was like a big kid!

“Before the drive-in closed down in Canberra, they’d just come out with a cable which you could connect to your car antenna, and you’d just tune your car radio to it so you could hear the movie. It was so much easier than the big speaker boxes you’d put in through your car window.”

“The drive-in was so much fun – better than these crappy rooms you now have to sit in to watch a movie. In the drive-in you could muck around and laugh with your mates; you don’t see that now – people just tell you to be quiet.”

Watching how my dad lit up with excitement and joy when speaking about his cinema experiences definitely left me smiling!


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