You’re Too Young

Many have us have experienced the “you’re too young” lecture whilst being pushed to the side when we were trying to purchase a cinema ticket; a ticket for a beautifully directed, horrifyingly gruesome film – or even a film with a sexual scenes.

While it drives us mental and makes us furious, maybe it’s for the best?
As I got older and sat to watch films with my younger brother, I started to appreciate the classifications on films, because I definitely wouldn’t want my 10 year-old brother watching a film with sex scenes – nooooo way! I’d rather he stick to Scooby-Doo and the SpongeBob Movie.


But these classifications aren’t just used for films, they also cover video games. While many of us tend to ignore the classifications used on video games, maybe we should be taking them more seriously?
It wasn’t until I learnt about Morgan Luck’s paper, The Gamer’s Dilemma‘. 

His paper highlighted how differently ‘virtual murder’ and ‘virtual paedophilia’ were in comparison to real-life situations, and how it is deemed ‘socially acceptable’.

Without going into too much detail, this paper changed my opinion on age classifications for both films and games. What I once considered to be annoying, I now consider to be useful!


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