[BCM325 DA Beta] A Widening Gap

It’s been a long few weeks, but my first blog post has been posted!

I initially thought that once I created the blog then it would be all smooth sailing from then on in…
But it wasn’t.

I began with creating a list of potential issues/news stories I could discuss on my blog, which I feel will definitely make things easier moving forward.
However, creating my first blog post was a little harder than I first anticipated.

Setting up the blog was the easy part (although I do plan to continue to customise it)

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.29.24 pm.png

But posting the first blog post was a challenge!

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.30.51 pm
I realised quickly that I didn’t really have a target audience.
I knew what I hoped to do by creating the blog, and by posting weekly opinion pieces, but I didn’t have a set target audience for my DA.
So moving forward, I’m hoping to narrow down my target audience, in order to make producing content a little easier while still addressing the Future Cultures challenge.


Ps. Sorry for the terrible video quality!


Link to the blog: A Widening Gap


4 Comments Add yours

  1. jonathanpica says:

    Offering indigenous perspectives are an eye-opening outlook on the issue surrounding your topic in your efforts in bridging the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous groups. Your project provides an insight into the hardships of indigenous individuals and the first-hand issues of discrimination and racism that can be made to produce a reaction from readers (through your blog).

    The format of blog writing from my own opinion may not prove to be as impactful as intended. To increase impact and shareability I would definitely recommend conducting your own podcast where you can partake in personal discussions with guests who have experienced any sort of discriminatory behaviour from non-indigenous people or groups. This method of production and creation provides listeners easy access and can be simply tuned into. In terms of topics already explored, you may want to consider the future on ways indigenous people can counter discrimination and racism in Australia, whether it be through operating an anti-racism organisation, holding campaigns in awareness of these acts of segregation, hosting support groups or initialising internal events for indigenous communities to discuss ways in how to prevent further acts seem relevant in Australia. For your benefit I’ve provided a link to an indigenous Australian podcast similar to your topic of exploration, which may assist in the final stages of your digital artefact whether it be inspiration on the informative aspect or the media itself: https://player.fm/series/speaking-out/combating-race-hate-online

    Incorporating culture into a project can motivate you as well as inform you. Speaking out on this topic is important for the future of Australia, where the possibility of altering the behaviours especially in youth are of great value. Looking forward for what’s to come!


  2. Kiana Paige says:

    Hey Taleasha
    I remember back when I was in the mid years of High School where we would have days dedicated to ‘Close The Gap’, especially since our school was well known for educating Indigenous students. These days were often announced publicly to help raise awareness of the difficulties that they Indigenous students still go through whilst growing up. Since then I haven’t really heard much at all about closing the gap, and unfortunately a lot of people are unaware that the racism is still very very severe, ESPECIALLY on social media. I’m actually really glad that you decided to incorporate this into your DA. I have the upmost respect for this and I really appreciate you doing this; trying to help the public Close The Gap – it’s very insightful. Have you linked your blog on multiple media platforms? If you did this (if you haven’t already) hopefully it can expand the knowledge to more people who don’t understand.
    Thank you for this!


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